Advanced Training For Dental Implant Placing

  • Place 20 Implants in 3 Days on LIVE patients!
  • Enjoy & Relax While Learning
  • US Trained Professionals

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Implant Dentistry Training by Experienced Dentists Get ready for a new learning experience.

Welcome to Intense Smile! We are a group of top dental implant specialists offering supplemental implant and regenerative surgery training to dentists and dental students. Our state-of-the-art facility is located at a respected university in the paradisiacal island setting of the Dominican Republic. As a result, our students receive the most advanced implant training available while enjoying access to pristine Caribbean beaches and luxury accommodations and amenities.

Whether you are an established dental professional or you are just starting out as a dental student, Intense Smile courses are designed to fit your specific level of experience and expertise. After finishing one of our courses, you will be fully equipped to performing dental implant and other surgical techniques—not only expanding your practice but helping your patients transform their smiles from broken to beautiful!

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The Basic Live Training System
Become skilled at placing dental implants and performing regenerative surgery through this one-on-one training course that uses hands-on experience treating live patients—all while under the supervision of professional implantologists. 

See What Sets Us Apart

Experience for yourself the benefits of an Intense Smile program, which includes:

The only CE accelerated live-implant training endorsed by a University in the country. 

Luxury accommodations and amenities in a tropical island setting

Relax with luxury accommodations at the Punta Cana Resort and Club, party at the iconic Coco Bongo club, and eat at award-winning beachfront restaurants—all (and more!) included with your Intense Smile training program. Do not forget to bring your family as well!

Top dental specialists and the best state-of-the-art training facility in the country.

Our top-rated doctors have practices in the US, Spain, Dom. Republic, Dubai and our Intense Smile training facility in the Dominican Republic offers the latest advances in dental technology. Providing the ONLY Continued Education accelerated live-implant training endorsed by a University in the country.

Small training groups and more individualized attention.

This focused learning environment allows our programs to be tailored to each doctor’s pace, needs, and level of expertise. Each doctor can expect to place up to twenty implants in just a few hours of training!

Increase networking opportunities with colleagues.

Meet and become better acquainted with your fellow doctors learning alongside you—not only does this increase your professional circle, but it makes for a friendly and fun learning experience!

Learning a new skill set that can be used immediately - and with confidence!

By completing an Intense Smile training program, you are making a weekend investment for a lifetime profit. You will be able to use the dental techniques you learned immediately at your practice, allowing you to increase the range of services you provide—and more services mean more patients.

The opportunity to be part of something greater than yourself

In our hands-on training, we work on patients living in the Dominican Republic—a country where more than 80 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty. In a nation where a healthy looking smile can mean a change in social status, you get to be a part of charitable mission work that improves not only a person’s oral health, but their quality of life.