About Intense Smile

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   Who We Are

At Intense Smile, we have gathered together some of the most respected dental specialists in implantology and oral surgery. Our doctors have been trained and certified by some of the most renowned institutions, and they have come together to provide comprehensive post-graduate dental education on dental implant placement and regenerative surgery. 

   What We Provide

Our training programs are conducted at a state-of-the-art facility located on a prestigious university in the tropical Caribbean island setting of the Dominican Republic. The intensive, hands-on training by top dentists gives our students the tools they need in order to broaden and hone their skills and expand their practice by offering a wider range of patient services.

Our programs include training on:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Immediate implant placement techniques
  • Osteotomes
  • Ridge spreading 
  • Ridge splitting 
  • Maxillary sinus grafting and extraction

   What We Accomplish

For over five years, we have been privileged to give back to citizens of the Dominican Republic, providing them free dental care when we use live patients in the community in our advanced dental training programs. Since our training programs are closely supervised by implant specialists using the latest technologies and techniques, our patients receive the highest level of dental care. In a country where healthcare is expensive and over one-half of the population lives in extreme poverty, the impact of a healthy, functioning and attractive smile can mean an increase not just in a person’s overall health but also in their social status. We invite you to join us and be part of this important and rewarding volunteer program as your add to your range of expertise at the same time.

Vision Statement

Intense Smile Implant Academy is:

  • A proactive organization that addresses issues, anticipates trends, and sets the future agenda for the profession;
  • An advocate for the indispensable role of implant dentistry among dentists all over the world, for best practices in dental implants and surgery and for the core values and ethics of the dentistry profession;
  • An open, friendly, welcoming organization that embraces cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • An inclusive professional academy for all dentists and a partner in mutual interests with laboratories, technologists, researchers, vendors, and other dentists;
  • An essential resource powerhouse for dentists seeking professional development, leadership opportunities, communication with peers, and the most current information, research, and theory in the field; and
  • A flexible, responsive organization that models effective management practices and core humanitarian services.


The values for Intense Smile Implant Academy that have been identified are:

  • Intense Smile Implant Academy will make a difference for members of the field/profession by addressing the importance of implant placement and restoration. 
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy will have a national presence and a national identity.
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy will encourage diversity in its membership.
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy will be organized to clearly address the identified essential functions.
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy's structure will allow members to be represented in the decision-making process.
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy involvement opportunities will be varied and geographically dispersed.
  • Intense Smile Implant Academy will be luxurious, focused, friendly, flexible and fun.


Intense Smile Implant Academy empowers leaders to transform needing smiles through teaching and learning in live experiences.


Intense Smile Implant Academy works to ensure that all members of their team:

  • Provide quality trainings and the best hands on experience 
  • Participate as an active asset to the doctor’s learning experience 
  • Connect with doctors to provide excellent courses that include practice growth and use of latest techniques in implant training and
  • Engage in the learning process and maximize the experience by providing the best hands on training available.