Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (or FAQs) that we’ve received about Intense Smile training programs. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to contact us and ask us directly! We are happy to assist you.

How do I sign up for your training programs?

To sign up for an Intense Smile training program, either call us directly or fill out the registration forms online or our social media pages. Though there is an open registration period, we recommend signing up as quickly as possible during this time as our trainings tend to fill up quickly. We also need time to plan some of the details of your trip (accommodations, activities, etc.) to ensure that you are as comfortable and content as possible during your training.

Where can I find more information about your programs?

You can email or call us directly to find out more program details. You may also visit our social media pages to stay up to date with the latest news. 

Do I have to complete the basic program in order to take the advanced program?

No. Both of these programs are offered as supplemental, post-graduate dental education. You can choose to attend one or both trainings without completing any prerequisites beforehand.

If I have to cancel my registration, will I receive a refund?

The question of whether you will receive a refund depends largely on when you notify us of a cancellation. Our refund policy allows for a full refund only if we receive a written and signed cancellation notification with medical impairment (by scanning and then emailing the notice to us, or by faxing or mailing it to us) at least 30 days before the scheduled training date. You will be refunded half your tuition fee if we receive the cancellation notice within 14 days of the training date. If we receive your cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled training date, no refund will be granted. But you may always reschedule free of charge within 14 days of the scheduled training. 

Will Intense Smile refund my registration fee if they cancel a training program session?

Our cancellation policy states that a full refund will be granted to all registered participants if Intense Smile cancels a scheduled training course. Please note that Intense Smile reserves the right to cancel any course or limit enrollment when deemed necessary. We also reserve the right to modify the content of a course and change course details (such as date, time, and location). 

How long has your faculty been involved in the implant dentistry field?

Our on-staff doctors are both practicing dentists who have degrees and specialized training from some of the top institutions in the US. Not only do they routinely perform the procedures included in Intense Smile training programs, but they also travel abroad several times a year to train other dentists in these modalities. They have decades of collective implant experience and have performed thousands of implant surgical procedures.

Can I bring my own patient to work on during training?

As part of the Intense Smile training program involves providing free dental care to underprivileged citizens of the Dominican Republic, there is no need to provide a patient of your own. We have an ample amount of local patients waiting for you—all of which are eager to get much-needed care. There is definitely no shortage of patients waiting for you—you will be treating an average of 10 patients per day!

Is there anything I need to bring with me on this training trip?

Bring yourself, your passport, and your personal belongings (including semi-formal attire for the certification ceremony on the last night of training). We’ll provide the rest! You will be able to travel without worry, because we will book you in comfortable accommodations with all the luxury amenities you can want. You may also want to bring your loupes or any other aid for your comfort since those will not be provided.

Can I bring my family members on this trip?

Absolutely, we would not want to keep you away from your family. We have designed an itinerary for all ages. While you are away in the paradise of implant placing, your family will be enjoying the luxurious activities Punta Cana has to offer, turquoise water beaches, lagoons, water sports, golfing, tennis, land activities, among other thrilling adventures.

What else, besides training, is included in the tuition fee?

We provide your stay in luxury accomodations in the most exclusive resort in the Caribbean, Punta Cana Resort and Club, transportation during your entire stay, all of your fine meals, activity fees, training supplies, and your final certification. We can also make other arrangements per request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.