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The Basic Live Training System 

Increase your dental skills—and, in turn, your patient base and revenue—by attending our Basic Live Training System. In this program, conducted on-site at a beautiful, high-tech facility in the Dominican Republic, you will receive comprehensive, hands-on training in dental implant placement and regenerative surgery. And since Intense Smile training classes are kept intentionally small (typically about 10-15 doctors per session), you will benefit from the individualized attention you receive as you work, one-on-one, with trained implantologists who have experience tailoring the program to each doctor, regardless of their learning style or level of experience.

In this intensive training program, you will find yourself becoming quickly proficient in placing dental implants and performing a variety of regenerative surgeries on live patients. As an attendee, you will typically place up to twenty implants in just a matter of hours, and all under the direct and constant supervision of our trained dental specialists.

The result? You will quickly gain confidence in your new surgical skills, and your patients—members of the local community—will enjoy the benefits of free medical care as well as a surge of self-confidence from their new, improved smile. And in a country like the Dominican Republic—where over 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty line and nearly 75 percent have no or limited access to medical care—the benefits of a healthy looking smile goes beyond the aesthetic, as it can improve a person’s social status and open up new job opportunities for them. As you can see, an Intense Smile program isn’t just another training seminar—it’s a profound experience that allows you to touch the lives of patients in ways you never thought possible. In fact, it is common for our attendees to be so moved by their patient success stories that it spurs them on to perform more volunteer work. It is also common for our patients—who are overcome with gratitude and joy—to greet the doctors at our trainings with a rousing round of applause! We are truly honored to support this community, and hope you will join us so that you can experience it for yourself!

The Advanced Live Training System

Our Advanced Live Training System continues where our Basic Live Training leaves off. In this program, you will learn more in-depth procedures used in implant dentistry, including immediate implant placement techniques. You will also receive instruction on osteotomes, ridge spreading and splitting and maxillary sinus grafting and extraction. This advanced training will give you all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to perform these procedures with ease at your practice.

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